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18 Feb 2022

The Art of Argumentative Essay Writing

Argumentative essay writing is writing an article where you have to convince the reader of a particular point of view. It is not enough to express your thoughts; the point is you have to give your arguments, to show that your perspective is the only right one in a particular situation. Argumentative essay writing help is like preparing a speech for a lawyer.

To make it clearer, let us try to take a separate case: you have to speak about a book and show that a character is negative. Do not just say, “a character is bad,” “I do not like him” or “the author shows him as an evil character”. Make the reader follow your thoughts. Do it in a way as if they have come to a conclusion by themselves.

Use many citations, always base your arguments on the authentic texts, do not try to show the facts in the wrong light. It is also a good idea to write what famous people have said about the book, character or the author.

Important is the structure of your argumentative essay

Here is a possible scheme how to build it:

  1. Introduction.

Inform the reader what you are speaking about. Try to interest them from the first lines of your work. Do not make it too long, because there is a tendency of current Internet users hardly ever to read a text to its end. All they are looking for is the useful information for themselves; they do not want to waste time reading long introductions. It is when you are writing for a site or a blog. On the other hand, students, who are writing argumentative essays, are also expected to show their knowledge in a specific question, not to speak about all around the world. Thus, write a few sentences with the general information about the work in the introduction part of your paper: the author, background conditions of the time. Do not forget to state here the question you are going to discuss.

  1. Main body.

Use at least three arguments in the essay. Every thought should be written in a separate paragraph. Connect these paragraphs in a fluent logical text, move from one fact to another. Do not forget to cite your quotations and parts taken from other books, even when you paraphrase them. Pay attention that citations styles differ and look which one exactly you are supposed to use.

  1. Summary.

Say all you was speaking about once more but without details. As well as the beginning, the conclusion should not be too long either. It is just to wind up, to make the paper look wholesome. In this part you address the reader with the same statement as at the beginning, but when first, if was formulated more as a question, here you gives answers, which become apparent after the arguments mentioned in the main body. Get academic writing help online here.

That is in short about argumentative essay writing. We wish you good luck and a lot of inspiration. When you are still not sure how to write it correctly, let the qualified specialist of our site provide you with argumentative essay writing help!

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