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18 Feb 2022

Argumentative research paper belongs to the most interesting tasks in writing since it is rather similar to the oral dispute. Defending own stand is always admiring process when one has the needed competence on the issue. Indeed, even in the case, we know the arguing object well one can have trouble with formulating the discussion’s topic precisely. What can be said concerning need to create well-directed argumentative research paper topics when students should analyze unknown phenomena and things? Even for the smartest students this step often turns out to be the biggest stumbling block in writing.

Overcoming the stumbling block or how to write a perfect argumentative research paper topics

Perfectness of the argumentative paper totally depends on the well-aimed topic, which lays on the basis of thesis statement and is the road map for constructing the argumentation part. Thus, we should say: it is not right point to start writing from formulating the assignment’s topic.

Why relying merely on Internet is a mistaken approach?

No one Internet source can provide you with a needed original argumentative research paper’s theme. The majority of variants overwhelming the networks are standardized and have not needed profound background on the taken issue. To grasp the true meaning of previous claim, look through the latest hot topics “Arguments for and against legalized prostitution” or “Use and harm of Video games”; writing support services propose them often.

Do you have any idea about things you should highlight here besides prostitution or video games? These themes are broad enough to complete successful research argumentative paper. Each of this issue has multiple facets. Thus, we can write about the harm of video games as the kind of leisure or argue the use of them as an educational tool in the schools, or discuss their influence on the adults.

You need substantial research

Varying the involved parts, we should also modify the argumentative research paper topics as well. Thus, throughout Internet you can only examine an idea of how to construct your own original perspective. To succeed, investigate the sources firstly. Below, we propose something like “skeleton”:

  1. Read the material presenting multiple positions on the question at issue
  2. Chose the perspective complying with your individual vision of the problem
  3. Identify one or the few stands that differ from your position
  4. Find the arguments for your position, which you can use as the instrument for arguing opposite ones

Don’t forget to make citations just finding arguments or counterarguments you are going to operate.  In such way, you will get the background for further writing. To organize and structure gathered information, make the argumentative research paper outline like this:

Presenting your position

Argumentation of your point of view

Counterargument 1

Contradiction the counterargument 1 with your arguments

Counterargument 2

Contradiction the counterargument 2

Have the structured outline will allow to construct the decent topic. Assume that discussed issue is “God’s existence”. You might operate numerous philosophical theories but suppose you observe Kant and Anselm’s concepts. Thus, consequent topic can look like “Everlasting struggle of Kant and Anselm’s arguments on God’s existence”. The issue’s background determines the topic of the paper but not vice versa. If we did not succeed in persuading you and you still prefer Internet, please, explore the argumentative research paper example. This step provides you with deeper and complex perception of the core principles to write the papers of this kind.

 You can always pay for argumentative research paper topics

You can see that constructing the topic after substantial research is quite easy but what you should do when the observed issue is unclear or narrowly specialized, and thus, extremely complicated to write. Our company can assist you in completing the most urgent and difficult task you need. Feel free to contact us.

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