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18 Feb 2022

General guideline on definition essay writing

Among various types of papers, the definition essay writing help is one of the clearest tasks. The author does not have to come into the theme too deep, to describe all the thoughts of other people concerning the subject, to include the smallest details or to create a piece of art. All you need is to give the reader clear understanding of what something is. In the writing definition essay assignments, the name speaks for itself: define a concept.

The concept can be something concrete or an abstract notion. Depending on what you are writing about, the paper will differ in ways of giving the definition. Writing about a material object you should be objective and not say whether you like it or not. Try to describe the main characteristics of the object. On the other hand, it is impossible to stay 100 percent objective speaking about such things as happiness, love or independence. Such notions always include author’s personal view and are wider.

How to start writing a definition essay: The theme

When possible, do not choose too open themes or try to make the given one more concrete. Being difficult to explain the meaning of the word “independence” fully in all contexts it is logical to use “personal independence” as a variant instead. Nevertheless, do not change the given theme of your definition essay when you have a particular task; that is possible only when you are free to decide on the topic for yourself. It is also preferable to choose the notion which you understand clearly or have had personal experience with before.

Important characteristics you need to know when writing definition essays:

  • Describe the appearance (form, color, size, etc.);
  • Speak about functional particularities (for what it is used, how it works);
  • Show the object in contrast to the other of the same class (e.g. describing a concrete breed of cats);
  • Explain the word by oppositions (miserable is unhappy).

Overall, include all the information you suppose is needed. The definition essay is still a result of your creation, and all the methods that serve for your main aim are welcomed.

How to start writing a definition essay: The structure

Begin your definition essay writing with a concise definition of the concept; here the information about the word itself can be given as well. Analyze the morphological structure of the word or mention, how the notion is denoted in other languages when the word appeared and what it meant before. It is also possible to begin with a rhetorical question, interesting quotation or any trick to interest the reader, to make them read your essay to the end and find out together what something is or to see the usual notion deeper in its all senses.

  1. The main body is the detailed explanation of the given concept in different contexts. Use vivid and useful examples; write every situation in a separate paragraph.
  2. Summarizing is not just repetition of the most important sentences of your work. All the time you have been going together with the reader to the clue, which must be clearly formulated at the end of the text.

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