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18 Feb 2022

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

When you face the task of descriptive essay writing for the first time, it can seem to you even a bit daunting. Do not be afraid of such type of assignments; the writing process is very interesting and exciting when you know the main tips and tricks. Let’s learn the art of descriptive essay writing step by step. When you google “Essay Writing Help” get paper writing help from our experts.

A descriptive essay is a type of writing in which the author creates a full picture of the subject. He or she appeals to the all five human senses. They are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

The subject of the descriptive essay can be a natural phenomenon, an incident or some episode, some objects, etc. It is crucial to learn to describe the item graphically and give many details. At the same time, the descriptive essay should not be full of unnecessary details. Select the most bright and important of them.

As well as in other types of academic writing, there should be the main statement of the essay. You should convey a concrete idea, not just give a description.

The Stages of Descriptive Essay Writing

1)Choosing a topic.

If you have an ability to decide what you want to write about, select the topic that is close to you. It should be something that impresses you. You should not try to write about the things to which you are indifferent.

It is harder to write a stellar descriptive essay if the topic is determined. In that case, activate your imagination. Try to imagine the picture that you want to show your readers. In such a way it will be easier to understand in what manner you can present the whole picture.

2)Making an outline.

Think about the subject of your essay, its main idea. Decide what points you will include in your essay. Then, make an outline. Get custom essay writing help here.

3)Writing an introduction.

The introduction should present the main statement of the essay. This paragraph should give the reader clear understanding about what is the writing.

4)Body paragraphs.

Writing the body paragraphs is the main part of descriptive essay writing. To make the process easier and faster and get the best results you can use the following method.

Divide the paper into five parts, each of which devotes to the separate senses.

  • First, make your reader see the item as you see it.
  • Then, find the needed words to make the reader hear the sounds of your story; feel like he or she is at the scene of the event and hears the loud voices or the silence.
  • If it is possible, try to make the reader feel the taste and smell. For example, you can describe the smell of the grass after rain, the smell of the wet sand, of roses in the garden, of coffee, etc.
  • Describe what the subject is to the touch.

5)Making conclusions.

In the last paragraph shortly summarize the main points of the essay. Well written conclusions confirm your understanding of the issue. That’s why summarizing is no less important than the other parts of the composition.

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