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How does it work?

Gradexy is a professional platform that provides academic writing assistance with an improved system that gets the best out of our experts and conveys the best product to our customers.

For customers seeking academic writing help:

You will initially need to sign up with us to set a customer account. When you have a profile, requesting paper turns out to be simple.

Just complete the order form. You will be requested to specify your assignment details and, after that, post the order. Posted orders will appear on a job board where interested authors can see the order details and place their bids if they are ready to complete the task.

Usually, you may find two or more writers who are interested in your task. Before hiring a writer to take care of the paper, consider checking the author's insights like clients’ feedbacks and rating.

Once you have chosen the most qualified expert to deal with your paper, you will be charged. The assigned writer will then start working on your order and will deliver the completed paper to you.

For writers who work with us:

Once you have signed up as one of our academic writers, you will have the capacity to view orders listed on a job board. Search for tasks that you're most keen on and which you feel most qualified to complete.

At that point, learn more about the customer who posted the order. You may need to precisely survey their ratings and any comments from different writers.

In the case, if after looking at both the order details and the customer you feel that it's the right task for you, you can continue and place your bid.

Why should I use Gradexy?

There are a few reasons why you ought to pick us:

Unparalleled demonstrable skill - First, we brag a center of expert writers who have been screened to guarantee a quality of a premium level and credibility.

Unique, fantastic work - Second, we promise that the finished task will be unique and of the most astounding quality. The articles accompany zero syntactic mistakes and completely address the branch of knowledge.

Customer confidentiality - We likewise ensure your privacy as a customer. Nobody other than us will ever have admittance to your own data. Not even our trusted experts.

The expansive pool of writers - Clients additionally pick us to benefit from our huge pool of extremely expert and appropriately experienced authors who give just the best help.

Affordable pricing – at last, our costs are among the most competitive ones in the industry.

Who will complete my orders?

To begin with, it is important to note that every one of our authors is an expert who has lots of practical experience in writing academic works. These experts are knowledgeable in the requirements of academic writing and have both the ability and the skills to meet any demands. The authors know about the significance of meeting due dates and endeavor to deliver each task within the stated period.

The uplifting news is that you have an extensive pool of profoundly qualified authors to select from. These experts will make bids on your tasks, and you (the customer) have all the power to choose the most fitting professional to deal with your orders.

How can I submit an order request?

Submitting a request is simple. We have built up a few categories of tasks. Begin by picking a category that best portrays the demands of your assignment.

Once you've chosen a classification, you will be requested to give a detailed description of your order. Customers are additionally required to give a contact email from where they can screen the writing process.

After you've had several offers from writers, look at your preferred bidders and select an expert. After you've chosen a writer, you will be requested to fund the order. Usually, the money is held until the task is completed and affirmed by the customer.

What if the completed work doesn’t meet my demands?

Once you have chosen the writer for your order, you are allowed to discuss all your wishes and demands with them. Always attempt to ensure that the chosen author knows all details of the task to guarantee a smooth working relationship.

After the author had submitted the work, you once more get a chance to review the work. At this stage, you can accept the work or claim for revision. Our experts are always glad to revise and polish customer's papers.

Once the work is finished in accordance with your needs, the money will then be discharged to the writer.

You have to comprehend that the payment that has been discharged for the paper that you have accepted can NOT be refunded. You can learn more in our Terms of Use section.

Can I be ensured that my paper is 100% unique?

YES, you can. We know about the repercussions of written falsification, as are our writers. Thus, we have made a department that is devoted to checking your papers for plagiarism to guarantee that is 100% original. We have even proceeded to caution our writers that any plagiarism is not allowed at Gradexy and authors who will fail to meet our demands won't be permitted to keep working with us.

Are my own data and payment information safe?

Totally! Our team never leaves anything to chance. To guarantee that all your data including budgetary information is protected, we have undertaken all necessary measures to establish safety. In this way, rest guaranteed that any third parties will access your data.