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18 Feb 2022

Is help with papers for money ethical?

Asking “Who can help with an essay for me?” The issue of ethic is one of the core points of human life. Almost each daily act of people can be considered from the perspective of ethical behavior. Help with academic papers for money is not exclusion from the long list of these activities. Not once the persons who write students’ assignments are blamed for selling their skills and knowledge as well as the students who prefer to buy articles online rather than do it by themselves. However, are there substantial grounds for such accusations or it is a just exaggeration? Let’s try to look into the essence of the issue, find out the aspects which make writing for money unethical and explore whether the problem is as awful as it seems to be.

Thus, so-called guardians of the ethic claim that the process of education implies gaining particular knowledge and skills that can help students navigate throughout their professional life in future. Missing a part of the curriculum or failing in completing the needed assignments is equal to substantial gaps in students’ knowledge. Because of this, help with papers for money is considered as a destructive factor which allows graduates to take easily to their students’ duties that further cause their low professional level. Moreover, the followers of this perspective are sure that to buy articles online is the form of cheating which is considered to be the biggest evil of educational process. These are indeed serious suggestions to refuse them. Moreover, there is no doubt in the positive influence of hard working on a development of person’s individual and professional abilities. Nobody seems to risk disagreeing with this fact.  Alongside with this, everyone accepts that proposed model of educational responsibility is the perfect scenario, but real life is far from the ideal. Besides, it is only one perspective of the issue, mostly professors’ vision, indeed each coin has two sides. Because of this, it would be fair to pay attention to the students’ position.

What underlies the fact that students buy articles online?

What makes students buy articles online? Is it just laziness, as professors claim? To answer this question objectively one should address few aspects of modern educational system – price for education, a workload of students and cost of living. If speaking in detail, education is not cheap life’s option. To have an opportunity to get a decent level of education students should be able to pay a high price. Where should they take this money? Obviously, only decent work can bring the necessary financial resources. Thus, being busy with earning money, students have too little time for studying, and it’s a vicious circle. Especially when speaking about international students who have come to the foreign country with a high level of life and have to earn not only for education but also renting a house, feeding, clothes, etc. They want to study but have no chance do it in an ideal manner. Even if graduates have a simplified work schedule, they are not able to meet all educational requirements because of a huge amount of reading and writing assignments. Besides, the exaggerated meaning of a grade often suppresses the students’ desire do the educational tasks by themselves as well as the persons could not be equal in their abilities even when they have the same perseverance.

Because of this numerous reasons students should get help with papers, they have no other way besides refusing from education, but it is not the best choice. Thus, in this situation the freelance writer who has more time and appropriate skills performs the role of “social assistant.” He helps in getting a decent education for those people who have no opportunity to provide conditions for the education without such assistance. Only a noble goal can be observed in this perspective of the issue without any unethical aspects. One can ask about knowledge that students missed because of commercial writing. It is worth to admit that one can hardly find a student who offers all assignments from the first one to the last. As a rule, graduates are ready to pay for those tasks they have no time to complete and they strictly control the quality of writing because of the need to represent the papers during the classes. Thus, evaluating of bought paper develop critical thinking and improve students’ knowledge even more than individual work.

After all, the ethics of the issue is the question of personal choice and responsibility. When the customer considers buying the paper ethical in his or her case why anybody should consider in the other way?

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