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18 Feb 2022

Seven points to make your college essay writing perfect

There are a lot of kinds of essays in academic writing help. Each of them differs one from another with the educational purpose and the range of instruments which are used for disclosing major topic or developing particular skills. And eventually someone seeks for custom essay help, and others try to write essay with own capabilities.

It seems to be impossible to grasp this difference and choose needed approach. Indeed, a few points could be extracted from the multiple requirements which are common for any type of paper. Considering them you will succeed in your college essay writing as well as in improving your college or university’s grade because they are of primary teachers’ focus.

1. Formatting

Each paper has specific, but quite easy rules of formatting. Depending on your educational establishment you may be asked to use MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago style. They differ one from another with the set of mechanics elements (margins, name block’s spacing, formatting the title), rules of citations and format of bibliography. There are a lot of online handouts as custom essay help, which you may consult the nuances of each style’s requirements.

The policy of the course and assignment prompt is another roadmap for creating your paper. You should follow it carefully because it is the second point of professors’ attention after mechanical elements.

2. Organization.

Strict organization of your college essay writing implies logical presenting of your position concerning the issue about you write. It means essay should include at least three main structural parts introduction, analysis or research, and conclusion. Do not forget about transition sentences which should serve as a connection between mentioned structural parts.

3. Thesis statement.

Such a frighten phrase at first sight indeed is a quite simple point. It is the focus of your essay that may be characterized by a few synonyms such as claim, direction, the issue at question, problematic you plan to disclose or investigate. It is the object of your further writing in its essence. For example, the sentence that “the paper aimed at researching gender issues” could not be used as the thesis statement because it is too broad and blurred.  The claim that you would “explore the interrelation between the race and individual life’s outcomes based on the book Our America by LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman” would be much better because it presents the field of your future investigation. It is worth to admit that correct formulating of your thesis statement is a half of successful essay as well as it determines the structure, choice of evidence and arguments.

4. Arguments and evidence.

You should remember that academic writing implies analytical and critical approach which should be supported with relevant examples, reading or watching (if you should write about the video, cinema other multimedia) details, mentioning authoritative perspectives, scientific data, etc. Despite the great value of your personal vision, it should be presented in the specific form. Avoid statement “I think,” “In my opinion” or “I believe” (besides the cases you are required to present only your vision). Remember that all of your arguments and evidence should serve to disclose the thesis statement. It is a really hard task to do, and some students turn to custom essay help services due to the fact that they can not overcome this part of work.

5. Close reading and intertextuality.

What does it mean? It is simple. Close reading implies presenting a deep understanding of the issue you are writing about using relevant quotes, interpreting of well-matched scenes or episodes. Intertextuality means the use of different sources which performs connection with your topic, support your arguments or serves as a counterargument you should refute. These two moments make your essay precise and dynamic. Moreover, they help to demonstrate your efforts and creativity which certainly attract professor’s attention.

6. Analysis.

You should not retell, summarize or just describe the issue but make an analysis. For example, it would be wrong if you write “he lives in the awful surrounding.” Claiming “that the race inequality is initially a ground for limited opportunities as well as residing in criminal surrounding significantly influence children’s self-assessment and distort their vision of future individual social role” would much better because it not only present the context but also perform analytical approach to it.

7. Clarity.

Avoid overwriting and general statements saying about nothing. It is the first sign that you do not know what you should write. In speaking it could be identified as demagogy. You should be precise and straightforward in your college essay writing. To check this point, you can read your paper aloud. You will notice the complexity of your writing style at once.

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