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The Art of Making Axis: Research Paper Outline

18 Feb 2022

Just from the title “research paper”, one can grasp the essence of the upcoming task.

This kind of work requires investigation of different sources on the taken issue, evaluation of them applying critical thinking approach and a decent presentation of the problematic. It is important to understand clearly that the research paper outline should reflect each of the steps you apply to process data and creating your unique offer. Indeed, the item of outline could not sound like “evaluation” or “analysis”. There is a set of obligatory requirements to presenting your researching process.  It seems to sound frightening but the task will look much easier after reviewing the possible research paper outline templates.

Sure, the outlines differ one from other with its structure depending on the issue you are required to research. Indeed, there are two templates in academic writing help you can you as a start point for further modifying them.  One when you are asking “write my research paper for me” and another – for an extended research assignment.

Ordinary research paper outline

Ordinary research paper involves the analysis of primary and secondary sources since students are to gather, systematize, evaluate and present the information about the issue. Thus, each part of the paper should have content respective to these required “processes”. It may look like a following research paper outline example:

INTRODUCTION saying what is the subject of your investigation


  1. Reporting about findings concerning the subject.
  2. Information about the professional stand of the different authors on the researched subject.
  3. Comparing and contrasting existing concepts with the use of convincing arguments
  4. Presenting your position (what of the professional stand you consider more reliable and why)


CONCLUSION summarizing your work: what subject was investigated, which positions exist, how you reach your own perspective presented the last part (here it is number 4).

It goes without saying that you should read the professor’s instruction accurately since they can include special requirements such as making cause and effect relationship or something else.

Extended research paper outline example

Here you should not only gather, systematize and present the information but offer your unique position involving processing data through qualitative or quantitative analysis. This assignment will be much broader and research paper outline can have the structure like that:

ABSTRACT (brief presentation) announcing about the problem, the goal of the research, used methods and approaches, and results.

This part is not always obligatory, consult with your instructor.

INTRODUCTION that should include detailed presenting of the discussed issue, purpose of the research, the initial question you are going to answer. Besides, an extended research paper requires the hypothesis (your assumptions or theories) and objectives (what do you plan to reach in result). The introduction should end with the Thesis statement reflecting the structure of the further research.

LITERATURE REVIEW presenting investigated sources.

METHODOLOGY describing tools, approaches, and methods of analysis

RESULTS highlighting your findings in figures and tables.

DISCUSSION underlying the significance of research’s results, possible implication of them and potential directions for further research.

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