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18 Feb 2022

How to write a critical analysis essay

A critical analysis essay is a piece of article writing services the main aim of which is to evaluate something. The subjects can vary; it can be a book, a film, an opera, etc. It is always a subjective opinion of the author; however, all you say should be grounded on the facts, not on personal likes and dislikes. To write a critical analysis essay means to analyze something, any analysis implies breaking the researched thing into smaller pieces and studying of it.

Become a real expert in the thing you are discussing before to write your paper. If it is a text, read it first for the first impression, then read it more deeply, pay attention to all details, make notes, think why the author had used that or that element, try to feel the style of writing, what language is used, what type of sentences. Do not miss anything. Speak about the book in the context of the epoch when it was written, try to find out what other writers are close to your author, detect how he or she differs from them, what is special about the book, what impressed you. Do not retell the plot; your task is to comment on the book, not to tell people what it is about. Of course, a critical essay about a film or a picture includes a different type of information, such as the use of color, soundtracks, actors, etc. Nevertheless, the principle remains the same: study and respond. Find out all the background information.

Structure of critical analysis essay writing:

  • It is logical to write the necessary background information about your subject in the introduction. Bring the reader in, explain peculiarities of the epoch; write about the author and genre.
  • When your audience is ready, come to the particular theme. Get academical writing help online on our platform.
  1. Begin with the general information about your subject, say shortly what the book is about or just describe the object of discussion.
  2. Evaluate the style.
  3. Write about the audience whom the author has been addressed.
  • In the end, identify the purpose of the author and to what extent it was achieved.

Types of aims (for a book):

  • to inform. In this case, you should find out whether the facts in the book are truthful, how fully was the information given, whether it was understandable to the reader (depending on the type of audience);
  • to entertain. Such texts are not to be based only on the real facts but to call emotions;
  • to teach. That can be textbooks and scientific materials.

Useful tips when you need answer to your “Need help with an essay online now”:

  1. Do not write a critical analysis essay from the first person perspective; do not use such phrases “I think”, “to my mind”. Do not write, “the author wanted to inspire the reader“, it is better to say, “the book gives inspiration and deeper understanding of the problem…”.
  2. Use only peer reviewed sources for your critical essay. That means serious journals and articles, texts where the author is given and can be cited (it must be an expert, do not use a feedback of people from forums, personal thoughts of your friends).
  3. Always proofread your work. Make sure there no typos, your thoughts are clear and the structure logical.

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